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Five Times Over

...when five is definitely a good number...

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In the tradition of 30_kisses and 52_flavours, 5ive_times_over is a fic theme community developed and maintained by kurosawabride.

The challenge in this community is to create a single drabble wrapped around five themes comprising of 1) a constellation, 2) a song, 3) a color, 4) an object and 5) a flower. So basically, this is like a multiple theme community but limiting up to 5 themes in one drabble. There are five sets and you can come up with as many combinations as you like.


Set A (the constellations):

1) Taurus
2) Orion
3) Cassiopeia
4) Lyra
5) Andromeda

Set B (the songs):

1) "Bella Luna" by Jason Mraz
2) "Universe" by Sarah Slean
3) "Sunrays and Saturdays" by Vertical Horizon
4) "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac
5) "Darkness Fell" by Wolfgang

Set C (the colors):

1) Blue
2) Red
3) Gold
4) Grey
5) Silver

Set D (the objects):

1) CD player
2) Marbles
3) Rope
4) Quill pen
5) Ring

Set E (the flowers):

1) Magnolia
2) Sampaguita
3) Chrysanthemum
4) Tiger Lily
5) Dama de Noche

*For those who have never heard any of the songs, I've linked the mp3's for you to download and there are other links to Wikipedia articles on some themes.


1) Request a couple at this post with the subject line "Requesting". Don't forget to indicate which fandom they are from. This post will be updated once a week so please keep a close eye on the list to make sure your claims aren't already taken. You can only take up to two couples to give other writers a chance.

2) Any genre is welcome.

3) Original characters are also welcome as long as there is a proper disclaimer.

4) Fan art is welcome. Just be sure to put in a link or upload it on a separate server and again, follow the posting format.

5) All ratings from G to NC-17 are welcome. Just make sure to specify the rating of your fic in your post (see Posting Format).

6) In the event that you decide you don't want to finish writing all themes for your fandom or that you decide you can't, leave a comment at this entry with the subject "Dropping my claim". You can only claim another couple if it has been freed up, otherwise you will have to choose another couple to claim or wait for your fandom to be freed up.

7) Pimping other communities is allowed as long as you put the advertisment under a fake cut and put the proper subject and header information in your post.

8) There are no deadlines, no pressures. Go through all the theme combinations at your own pace.

9) You can only take one theme from each set. You cannot do all themes from Set A or all themes from Set B, for example. You must always take just one theme from each set and incorporate all of them into your drabble.

10) There is no limit to your drabble. Be it 100 words or 1,000 words, it's good. :) This is, after all, a multi-theme community so I'm expecting the word count to be a lot more than 100 words. :)

11) The Hall of Famers are those who have finished their claims and have gone through at least 10 theme combinations. If you are done, leave a comment at this post to notify the mods. You will hear from us within one week's time when we have gone through your fics and have listed all your claims. You get a custom-made banner from liaison_gfx of your fandom that you can post in your LJ profile.


* Subject line of your entry: Title / Series / Fandom
(example: Alone / Gundam Wing / Heero Yuy)

On the entry itself:

Set of themes: (for example you want to do a drabble around theme 1 from set A, theme 5 from set B, theme 3 from set C, theme 2 from set D and theme 5 from set E, your format would be like this: A1, B5, C3, D2, E5)

Please post all fics under an lj-cut. Or link your fic with a fake cut if you have a fic journal.


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